GPS strikes again and man almost drives off cliff


Technology is doing exactly what all of us have, at least on occasion, dreamed of doing.  That is, wiping out all the idiots in the world.  Yes, medical technology has allowed for us to live longer, but GPS is here to even out the numbers a bit.  Well, at the very least boot the geniuses off of the road.  It’s taken down another one, this time  43 year old male, Robert Jones, who works as a driver.  Yes, he does this for a living.  The fact that he does it for a living, is his excuse for listening so closely to the gadget.

The driver took the instructions down a Pennine footpath.  Apparently when it told him the very narrow steep path was a road, he believed it.  The only reason he stopped and didn’t attempt to drive his car down the cliff is because he hit a fence above the Gauxholme railway bridge.  He described the Sunday morning incident involving his precious BMW to friends later on as “a nightmare”.   Thankfully, the police are charging him with being a total idiot, although they’re calling it driving without due care and attention.  I figure that’s police-speak for, too stupid to be driving.  Hopefully when he goes to court they’ll confiscate his license or at the very least his sat nav.

Source: Switched