Zoo Animal Poop To Power Cars


That’s right, you could sometime in the future run your car on elephant poop.  Which despite all of the green benefits and not to mention the fact that you’re a full grown adult, I still doubt that anyone could resist laughing just a little on that one.  I suppose if you’re going to base a different type of fuel on anything, you might as well make sure it’s something that we have an endless supply of, that being animal poop.  To be specific they’re more targeting the animals at the zoo that only eat plants.

The ones working on this are researchers in New Orleans from Tulane University.  They’re looking into the bacteria that breaks down cellulose inside of the animal itself.  That bacteria, they’re hoping, will be genetically modified to then produce more.  At which point it could be turned loose on biomass sources that were originally intended for landfills.  Then of course it would be turned into biofuel.  In conclusion, your car could in fact be run on zoo animal shit.

Source: Ubergizmo