YouTube used to deliver baby


Usually my use of YouTube is limited to frivolous things like random music videos or something humorous.  I don’t really use it for anything remotely educational, it’s better used as a tool to procrastinate doing laundry or dishes.  Well one guy managed to get educated on YouTube just enough to deliver his baby boy.  He didn’t plan on doing it himself, but ended up doing the job himself.  All he did was a quick search on YouTube for videos on how to deliver a baby.  Then after watching a few clips he felt that he was ready.

When his wife started complaining of pain at 10:30pm, instead of taking her to the hospital he sat himself down at the computer.  Then at 2:30am when she woke up it was clear it was time.  He attempted to call the midwife, but she was already busy and the baby was already extremely far along.  He delivered his son Gabriel perfectly safely.  He took both mother and son to the hospital for a check up, but all was fine.   Personally, I think I’d still prefer to use the hospital as opposed to YouTube.

Source:  Crunchgear