Your Cell Phone Wants You to Have Safe Sex

Cell Phone Safe SexYour cell phone can keep you connected, entertained, and engaged — and now, it can convince you to use condoms, too. At least, that’s what the folks behind a $2 million government-funded study are hoping.

An experiment being conducted at Rutgers College of Nursing is bringing mini-soap operas about safe sex to cell phones. The goal? To give a good rap to the idea of — well, wrapping it up. The Rutgers crew thinks the modern message might be able to reach women in a way those old junior high sex-ed videos just couldn’t pull off.

The test is pitting the sexy soap against a text-oriented alternative to see which works better. (Hey, at least the video version won’t catch you off-guard. Imagine the look on your face when you get a mid-meeting text saying: “Hey u, dont 4get to use a condom next time u get buzy! LOL!~ luv, ur friends at rutgers”)

Maybe the script for the mobile movie is a little less abrasive. Let’s see. The following is an actual, undoctored sample from one of the episodes:

Mike: “Hey baby, you OK?”

Toni: “Yeah, I’m OK.”

Toni puts her head on Mike’s shoulder. Mike tries to kiss her.

Toni: “Slow down. Just because I’ve decided to take you back, it doesn’t erase the fact that you cheated on me.”

Mike looks away.

Toni: “Look, we’re going to be using condoms from now on. And tomorrow, we’re getting tested. And that’s that.”

Toni kisses Mike. Mike smiles.

Ah, that Mike. He’s always up to something.

The reason, by the way, for choosing the cell phone as the medium: because it provides a private viewing opportunity and “offers the viewer the chance to watch again and again as desired.”

Am I the only one who finds it ironic what other industry that brings to mind?