Your Big Screen Super Bowl Party Could Be Illegal…sort of


Recently someone made a comment that you can’t watch the Super Bowl on a TV screen any larger then 55 inches.  Well, as it turns out there is a grain of truth behind their statement.  It’s actually laid out in Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 110 called “limitations on exclusive rights: exemption of certain performances and displays”.  Yes, they do even mention the specific size of 55 inches.  However, it sort of depends on where exactly that big screen TV is located.

It states that you cannot view TV broadcasts and movie showings on a TV with the diagonal measurement of 55 inches or larger.  There also cannot be more than 6 loudspeakers.  Don’t worry though, there are other details.  Despite that yes that is a law, as long as you’re safely within your own home and not charging admission you’ll be just fine.  Now charging admission to view it on a massive screen within your hometown high school’s gym, that would be frowned upon.  Who knew something as simple as a Super Bowl party could have restrictions?!