Yelling at Your Computer May Have Serious Consequences

yelling-hard-drive-latencyEver start screaming in frustration at your unresponsive PC? Well, get this: Your rage could be causing the system to run even slower.

The guys over at Sun Microsystems set up some tools to see how yelling actually affected computers. (Yeah, I’d like to have that job, too.) They found that the vibrations generated by a loud voice can cause a hard drive to have a sudden spike in latency.

In more mundane terms, your yelling forces the hard drive to briefly stop working. Or, in hillbilly dialect, ye’d better aim to hush yer mouth and quit yer yappin’, else you be fixin’ to have yer thinkin’ machine plumb tuckered out for a good spell.

Countried chatter aside, here’s a firsthand look at the oddly amusing experiment:

Now maybe you’ll start treating your PC with some respect. I hear they like gentle patting and soft-spoken reassurances. Add in some wine and candles, and you might even get lucky. Just be sure to put protection on your hard drive first.