Work PCs: What People Are Really Doing

A new study sheds light on what people are really doing on their work computers. The survey, conducted by NewDiligence and published by AFP this week, finds three out of four people admit to using their office computers for personal matters. Surprised?

Only 15 percent of the people interviewed claim to never screw around on the company PC — yeah, we’re really convinced, jerkwads — while 11 percent returned guilt-ridden “no comment” responses.

So, the breakdown of favorite behind-the-boss’s-back computer activities:

  • #1: Sending personal e-mail
  • #2: Looking at non-work-related Web sites
  • #3: Personal banking/financial matters
  • #4: Shopping
  • #5: Multimedia activity (music, pictures, video, and — we assume — porn)
  • #6: Instant messaging
  • #7: Social networking
  • #8: Blogging or blog commenting

Guilty, guilty, guilty, guil…eh, you get the idea. Feel free to comment on the matter, particularly if you’re on-the-clock. I’d elaborate more myself, but I have some personal banking and multimedia activity to attend to.