Wired vs. Michael Arrington/TechCrunch

If you have been online lately you probably came across the Wired vs. Michael Arrington/TechCrunch deal. Apparently it all began with a post written by Betsy Schiffman, a Wired writer, titled TechCrunch Nabs Syndication Deal With Washington Post. It was a really short and straight to the point post, here is a quote which summarizes it:

We’ve got nothing against TechCrunch, but it seems crazy-crazy to us that the Washington Post, a paper known for the sort of reporting that can take down U.S. presidents, is publishing content written by a dude who invests in the companies he writes about. But what do we know.

After seeing that post Michael Arrington got a bit pissed off, and decided to Twitter his anger out. To be precise, he wrote:

Wow, fuck you too, Wired.

By that time the event was spread all over the web, with people both Twittering in response to Michael and posting comments on the Wired’s post (some pro and some against the magazine’s stance).

Then on May 13 Betsy decided to write another post on the matter, solidifying her arguments. The post was titled Post, TechCrunch Mum on Syndication Deal, and here is a quote:

Last week we ran a short news item about a syndication deal for a little blog called TechCrunch.

We pointed out how odd it seemed that the Washington Post, one of the nation’s most trusted and revered newspapers, would run stories written by an ex-lawyer who admits he may advise or invest in companies that are covered on his site.

In journalistic circles, that’s what we call a conflict of interest.

After that Michael Arrington finally wrote a formal response on TechCrunch. His main defense was the fact that he clearly discloses all his financial ties and investments, and that Wired itself has already had some ethical slips in the past.

What to think about all that? You make it on your own!

For one thing though, Wired initiated the whole buzz, so I am guessing they were having a slow news day…