Wii Peripheral Could Double As Lie Detector


You may have heard about the new Wii Vitality Sensor that was announced last week at E3.  It looked much like what you would have jammed on your finger while you’re sitting in the hospital.  Well it’s entirely possible that this Vitality Sensor could be used in order to detect when someone is not telling the truth.  That could of course be used for serious things, giving the common man a chance to get the truth out of someone.  Could even give fathers a chance to know what exactly their daughter’s boyfriend is actually up to.  Which is just about every teen’s worst nightmare.  However, it could also be used for much more lighthearted reasons.

There were even hints from Nintendo that perhaps it could be used to go with an electronic game of Truth or Dare.  Which in a warm friendly environment, might be alright.  However, there are still ways that this could be used that would cause problems.  If Austrailia’s Herald Sun is correct, then due to the way the sensor attaches to your finger and measures pulse and skin conductance, it could be more than enough to easily turn this into an at home polygraph.  Even if the Wii never uses this to their benefit, I’m sure someone will find a way to hack their Wii to torture young male teens that would like to date their daughter.

Source: GamePolitics