Wife Poses As Chat Room Teen And Gets Husband Arrested


All 69 year old men with a thing for underage girls should beware.  If your wife is onto you, you could find yourself in some serious trouble.  One has found himself caught and is now a registered sex offender.  He went into a chat room and began to proposition what he thought was a 14 year old girl.  As it turns out, it was his wife laying out a nice and neat little trap for her husband.  Once David Anthony Roberts did actually proposition the 14 year old girl, his wife called the cops on him.

She not only called the cops on her husband from Wales, but she has since divorced him as well.  Cheryl Roberts made sure that her ex-husband was arrested and has to attend a sex offender program.  He actually pled guilty to eight charges of child pornography.  As it turns out, hell has no fury like a pissed off wife with a husband who has a thing for underage girls.

Source: Switched