Where’s the Craziest Place You’ve Ever…?

A Web-based survey released this week is shedding new light on an age-old question: “Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever done it?”

The answers may seem familiar — the car, the bathroom, at a bar — but rest assured, this survey has a different twist. Sure, some people reported doing it four times a day. Some said they feel almost addicted. Some admitted to doing it at work; others preferred the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

And guys, don’t kick yourselves: A full third of the respondents said they sometimes finish too quickly and feel bad afterward.

Time for the truth, though: This survey wasn’t asking about the ol’ in-and-out. Instead, it’s talking about the oh-so-sexy act of sending e-mail.

Yeah, I know. That was my reaction, too. The survey, conducted by AOL Mail, asked people for the strangest place they’ve ever checked their mail. In a sad commentary on how our once sex-starved, perverted society has evolved, the following answers — which could be so much more intriguing — are all about electronic communication:

  • In bed in their pajamas: 67%
  • In the bathroom: 59%
  • While driving: 50%
  • In a bar or club: 39%
  • In a business meeting: 38%
  • During happy hour: 34%
  • During a date: 25%
  • In church: 15%

Carnal comparisons aside, a couple other noteworthy discoveries:

  • “xoxo” was voted the most annoying way to sign off in e-mail
  • “Cheers” came in as the second most irritating message-ender

The survey found “thanks” and “sincerely” to be the most common and nonabrasive goodbye lines. Good info to know. The last thing you want to do, in this day and age, is to have your sign-off rub someone the wrong way.

Hope you’ve been enlightened — and next time, for God’s sake, keep the noise down. We all know what you’re doing in there.