Webcams Save Lives Or At Least One


We’ve all heard of those websites or even watched a couple that broadcast things like pretty scenery or even puppies at play.  We’re all aware of what a complete and utter waste of time they are, but they’re still fun to check out on occasion.  Well one woman decided to watch the sun setting over the North Sea thanks to a live webcam broadcast.  As she watched the sun setting she happened to notice something odd and shiny in the water.  It turned out that she had actually spotted a man in the progress of drowning within the North Sea.

After noticing that what she was catching a glint of a camera lens strapped around the neck of a 40-year old tourist she contacted authorities.  Thanks to the woman’s watchful eye the man was actually rescued and sent home.  That is after a firm talking to from authorities about the dangers of wandering onto the ice.  So next time someone says you’re just wasting time watching all of those live webcam broadcasts, you can say you’re just keeping the world safe.

Source: Switched