Warning: Viewing This Story is Bad for the Environment

co2-google-web-sitesBy viewing this story, you are contributing to global warming. Nice going, jackass.

Allow me to elaborate: A new report from Harvard University claims basic Web browsing generates 0.02g of carbon dioxide per second — and not just from the incidental heavy breathing, either. Rather, it’s the electricity running your computer and all the remote servers doing the deed. Damned fossil fuels…always making some kind of complicated trouble.

Now, that fraction of a gram figure doesn’t seem like much. But added together, all the clicking creates a whopping 2 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions, the analysis says. That makes the Internet worse than the aviation industry when it comes to greenhouse gases.

Don’t feel too guilty, though — this particular site isn’t too bad. (Unless you happen to be an attractive lady with a thing for “bad sites.” If that’s the case, we’re bad. Really bad.) The scientists say the worst offenders are video-heavy sites — said to be 10 times worse than text/graphic pages — and Google. The way Google sends search requests to data centers all over the world supposedly makes its carbon footprint 500 times the size of a typical site’s.

Google and video, eh? Yikes. That means a lifetime of searching for and watching porn online may be equivalent to going out and destroying dozens of forests. Who knew you held that much power, quite literally, in the palm of your hand?

Let’s just hope the anti-porn coalitions don’t get ahold of this data.