Wanted: Someone Willing To Change Name To “Techcult.com”

change namePlenty of people are born into unfortunate names. Now, here’s your chance to shed your shameful moniker and slip into something far more special.

Techcult.com. It’s catchy; it’s unique. It could be a beautiful name for a guy or a girl. And you’ll never be confused with that unoriginal name-stealing jerk two cubicles down again.

Okay, time for some truth: Our idea isn’t totally original. Some chick from Virginia changed her name to CutoutDissection.com this week as part of a protest against scholastic dissection. And that’s cool — everybody’s got their cause. All we’re saying is that Techcult.com is a way better name than CutoutDissection.com. And this site is a pretty important cause, too. (If by “pretty important cause,” you mean “place with megalomaniacal writers suffering from severe delusions of grandeur.”)

We can’t really offer you much in exchange for the name change — at least, nothing more than the acquisition of an awesome name. And the ability to be the surrogate son of a technological entity. But we think that’s a pretty good deal. (If by “a pretty good deal,” you mean “something we’re not quite stupid enough to do ourselves but are optimistic someone else will be.”)

Give it some thought. We know you’ll come around.