Virginity Rates by College Major proves computer geeks are getting some


We’ve all heard the jokes, that we computer geeks are a bunch of virgins that couldn’t possibly get any action.  Well now there is statistical proof for those of you that have a computer science major, that you and your classmates are getting at least some action.  It may have been just once, but it did happen.  All of this was tallied up by Wellesley students who created the chart and then posted it in the Counterpoint Magazine at the college.  As you can see on the graph, only 40% of computer science majors are virgins, which is less than half.

Hilariously enough, out of those with Studio Art as their major only a whopping 0% are virgins.  Then at the other side of the list Chemistry/Biochemistry and Mathematics majors received a percentage of 83%.  So the rates are pretty bad there, but at least it’s not in the 90’s range.  Either way though, next time someone tries to claim those that are computer savvy don’t get any, you can jam this in their face.

Source: CoedMagazine