Violent video games improve vision


As kids, we all heard the nonsense about sitting too close to the TV, because it would hurt your eyes.  Of course, then followed the complaint that playing too many video games was going to do the same thing.  In the end, I’m fairly sure any activity that we enjoyed as much as video games would have had some kind of repercussion.  Especially since as it turns out, our parents were absolutely full of it.  Some researchers discovered that video games actually help your vision in ways that they originally thought only glasses or surgery could.

The best part about this news, is that those that played the more violent video games saw more of an improvement than those that play games that really don’t require hand eye coordination.  Which means anytime you have someone nagging for you to get off the computer and do something productive, you can state that you’re working on your eyesight.  To be specific, it helps your contrast sensitivity function.  CSF helps aid in conditions like driving at night or when there is poor visibility due to weather.  They used a few different types of groups to compare their research with.  What they discovered, according to the Telegraph, was that those playing the action games saw an improvement between 43 and 58 percent.