Violent Video Game Attacks Gamer


People are always complaining about violent video games corrupting the minds of otherwise non-violent people.  We’ve all heard the studies about what harm it could do and the blame game every single time anything violent happens within a school.  Well as it turns out they should have been worried about video games physically harming their gamers.  One gamer was actually injured while playing Modern Warfare 2 on his Xbox 360.

While xAdamWestx09 was playing away he failed to notice that his headset cord had managed to wind itself around a chair.  Then when he tried to get to his feet he was tripped and smashed his head into a Mac, which was conveniently located nearby.  The poor abused gamer had to get himself a total of 6 stitches on his forehead and doesn’t even have a cool story to go with it.  My question is, who would actually tell anyone what happened?!  Then again it’s highly likely he had a buddy around who was more than happy to spread the word about the incident.

Source: GamePolitics