Villainous Snow Globe Collectors Beware


They’re onto you.  You thought that your elderly status would make them actually believe that you’re just oh so innocently collecting little trinkets from all corners of the world. Well the airlines are onto your scheme, you’re just trying to sneak liquids onto the airplane.  All panic could ensue with people carrying around snow globes!

Yes, it’s really gone this far.  I know none of us should really be surprised, after all snow globes are full of liquid.  Liquids are after all on the no no list.  It still just seems so sad that times have really gotten paranoid enough that we’re concerned about one of the most sedate hobbies known to man.  What’s next, going after spoon collectors for looking suspicious?  Then again, it does seem a little odd to be carrying around a useless miniature spoon.

Source: Bookofjoe