Video Games Before Bedtime Won’t Cause Sleepless Nights


Have you ever had someone advise against you playing those video games right before bed, because they’d make it so you couldn’t sleep?  Well now there’s ammunition to make sure you have a swift comeback should someone try to get on your tail for that again.  At Flinders University, they conducted a little experiment to see how a group of 16 year olds slept after a round of gaming just before bed.  The big shocker, they didn’t have as much of a rough night as many would like to think.

In order to conduct the study, they utilized Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  Now they did mention that youngsters below the age of 16 might have a harder time with those thrilling games.  After you’ve reached the age of 16, you’re good to go though.  After checking all of the different angles and using all of the best gadgets to test them out, there were no real significant differences found in their sleep patterns.

Source: Crunchgear