Video Explains Twilight To Non-Twilight Fans


This video has officially made me fall in love with the internet all over again.  I am one of the rare women out there that absolutely hates Twilight.  Unfortunately my best friend is obsessed, so I humored her and decided to crack open the books.  I made it through a full book and the first chapter of the second, I finally just gave up.  All I saw at the end of the day was poorly written garbage and came out more confused than ever.  I have even been forced to watch all of the movies, because well my friend humors me when I get giddy over every single upcoming comic book themed movie that comes out, so I’m forced to return the favor.  Thankfully one video has actually put me out of my misery and explained the Twilight obsessed fans that have baffled me for so long.

Keep in mind the video is not the nicest to Twilight fans, so if you are a little sensitive in that area I wouldn’t suggest watching it.  It does make some pretty valid points though.  I’d rather believe what the video says than to believe that everyone just has crap taste and couldn’t care less as to the quality of writing when it comes to their books.  You can check it out for yourself by going here.

Source: Geekstir