US Military Trying To Create Nuclear Reactors Powered By Poop


No one really thinks about it, but when the military has a base out in the middle of the desert all of that poop has to go somewhere.  The military can spend over $65,000 in fuel costs every year just to burn off human waste at a base camp in the Balkans.  Which got one research group thinking about how to utilize all those heaps of waste.  Right now they’re working on creating a poop powered nuclear reactor.

The military is currently working on using seawater to create fuel, but that’s really only going to work for those that are directly on or near seawater.  That’s not always the case, plus no matter where they’re located, there will always be waste from the men.  By doing this they’d save themselves quite a bit of cash, while also getting rid of that waste.  The reactor will work with both human as well as animal waste, so if they ever get low they can rely on the animals too.  Either that or just feed the men a bit more and wait a few hours.

Source: Neatorama