Twitter to be put on primary school’s curriculum


A great number of schools have started to teach the basics of navigating the internet.  Colleges are still teaching how to use Google, just to make sure that everyone is on a level playing field.  Forcing older students to learn the basics of the internet becomes obnoxious, especially when you’re well aware how to use an average search engine.  Knowing that makes it necessary to consider teaching these skills at a younger age.  Which is why Jim Rose believes that Wikipedia as well as Twitter should make it on the curriculum for kids under the age of 11.

The problem with teaching about such programs, is that as fast as technology moves, non-tech savvy teachers can’t usually keep up.  Well that’s one of the issues at least.  Another concern is wondering what other area of education was cut down in order to fit in time to talk about Twitter.  The entire proposal reworks the entire educational system.  Instead of having 13 standalone subject areas there would be six core learning areas.  Seeing technology making its way into schools is important, but lumping in Twitter and Wikipedia just seems like a halfhearted attempt by educators who may not know a whole lot about the tech world.  The idea for the new program is one based out of the UK, so those of us in the States won’t see a change.

Source: ShinyShiny