Twitter Actually Being Used For Good


Twitter has been used to do a great number of things and a great deal of those have not exactly been good things.  Twitter has even managed to kill off people before.   It’s safe to say that over time Twitter hasn’t exactly gotten the best of reputations.  Well one man is actually using his Twitter account to show off the good in mankind.  All of this is being done through the simple use of a coffee cup.

The user called GitEmSteveDave created the RoofCoffeeCup.  It’s just a coffee cup with a magnet in the bottom to make it stay attached to the car.  Then every day that they have the coffee cup on their roof they report through Twitter about all the people that tried to help them out.  During one of the drives with the cup they received “13 honks, 1 flash, 1 whistle, 4 tells, 5 points, 7 Along-Side-Riders, 1 Stop Light Tell, 1 Stop Light Get Out, 2 2xTakes and 1 stare.”  Whether or not a few people trying to help him out is really going to warm anyone’s heart on Twitter is debatable.  That fact that someone tried is plenty good enough.

Source: Switched