Twitter about to make it easier for online friends to stalk you


Soon Twitter may be allowing users to choose to give their exact location at the time of their tweet.  When you post a tweet it’ll attach the longitude and latitude of your current location, giving your friends a heads up on exactly where you’re at.  Of course, you’d have to be extremely trusting of the people that are allowed to see your tweets, otherwise it might make you feel a little nervous about people knowing so much.  If that does bother you though, there’s nothing to worry about since you can choose to shut it off.

There have been apps out there that allow this same sort of thing to happen.  However, they’ve never been all that great.  They typically require the user to insert a link to their current coordinates on Google Maps or perform a search based on a zip code that the user enters in themselves.  Of course this feature isn’t available just yet through Twitter itself, nor is there an actual release date.  So you’ll have to wait and see to discover when Twitter actually gets around to releasing the new feature.

Source: Switched