Tweance Talks To Dead Celebrities On Twitter For Halloween


Halloween is always a fun time of year, but it does tend to draw out some strange events you’d never expect.  One of which is a Twittering psychic who will be contacting some famous dead celebrities just for your amusement.  Of course to choose which celebrities they’re leaving that up to you.  Just put in your vote and the highest voted four will be contacted.  You can see in the picture a few of the ones that have been nominated so far.  I imagine that Michael Jackson will stay in the top four considering how recently he died.

When will they be Twittering about the dead celebrities?  Well October 30th of course.  She chose to do her interviews between 10 in the morning and 12pm on that day.  It also just happens that Tweance is promoting a costume store in the UK called Spooky, which I imagine will benefit greatly from the charming readings.  The readings that I’m sure will be incredibly accurate and shocking.  You can check out their feed on Twitter and keep an eye on all the celebrities that manage to get nominated.  If you decide to nominate someone, you also get to include your question.

Source: Switched