Top Searches of ’08: What Yahoo Isn’t Telling You

top-internet-searches-jerry-yangYahoo has released its top Internet searches of 2008. The site compiled the hottest terms in all sorts of categories — everything from economic searches to celeb-oriented inquiries. There’s one list, though, it doesn’t want you to see. And only TechCult has the top secret data.

We’re talking about inside info on the top searches conducted by outgoing CEO Jerry Yang over the past year. Our research team had to pay all sorts of bribes — and, we understand, sleep with a few overweight male security guards — to get this. Consider it an early holiday present from us to you. Drumroll, please.

Top 10 Internet Searches Conducted by Jerry Yang in 2008

10. “Jerry Yang” + “positive news stories” + “why no results”

9. “How to stop stock from falling”

8. “Job openings” + “Google”

7. “Public relations” + “Projecting confidence in spite of failures”

6. “Job openings” + “Radio Shack”

5. “Steve Ballmer” + “call blocking” + “how to get around it”

4. “Undo button” + “the past six months”

3. “Chief Yahoo” + “better job title”

2. “Job openings” + “McDonald’s”

1. “TechCult” + “office address” + “tips for vandalization”