10 Dumbest Tech Support Calls Of All Time

dumb tech callAnyone who’s ever worked in tech support can tell you about the ridiculous requests people come up with — but some of the real-life inquiries we’ve found will leave even the most hardened techies laughing hard.

A new study, conducted by California-based tech firm Robert Half Technology, had hundreds of information specialists from around the U.S. reveal their most unusual support questions. There are dozens of winners, but we’ve whittled down the 10 dumbest ones for your amusement. Read on, and remember: Each one of these is all too real.

  1. “How do I get my computer’s coffee-cup holder to come out again?”
  2. “Why isn’t my wireless mouse connected to the computer?”
  3. “Can you install cable TV on my PC?”
  4. “Can you fix my typewriter?”
  5. “My computer is telling me to press any key to continue. Where is the ‘any’ key?”
  6. “Can you reset the Internet for me?”
  7. “Can I open the bank safe using my computer?”
  8. “A server went down, and I found a lizard had crawled into it and died.”
  9. “The elevator is broken.”
  10. “How long does it take to bake a potato in a microwave?”

Got your own real-life experience that could give these some competition? Feel free to add to the list in the comments section below.