To honor Father’s Day Obama lectures dads on proper parenting


Happy Father’s Day dads, it’s a day to celebrate your parental achievements by listening to Obama tell you how you’re doing it wrong.  In true politician style, he went straight for the easy scapegoat too.  If you didn’t hear it yourself, you can probably guess it.  Yes, he went straight for video games.  I still strongly appreciate that he didn’t claim that violent video games were specifically a problem.  Instead, he just mentioned that it might be better to pick up a good book with your kids, instead of flipping on the Xbox.

“We need to set limits and expectations. We need to replace that video game with a book and make sure that homework gets done… We need to tell our sons, Those songs on the radio may glorify violence, but in our house, we find glory in achievement, self-respect, and hard work.”  Not a bad statement really, it’s just another case of what could be considered inappropriate timing.  On Father’s Day, a day to celebrate the fathers of the world, he states why they’re not good enough.  So fathers, Happy Father’s Day from Obama and could you please quit screwing it up.

Source: GamePolitics