This Week’s Best Nonsense Videos


The internet is a beautiful thing that brings you all sorts of videos that allow for you to waste away your time.  This week my two favorites have to be the humping tortoise, yes a humping tortoise, and a driver misinterpreting the proper way to use a toll booth.  Of course, there’s absolutely no point to the videos, but really, who cares?!  This is the internet people, half its point is to have no point!

I have never watched a tortoise attempt to screw something, but apparently this tortoise really likes Crocs.  I don’t think I’ve ever even met a person that likes their Crocs this much, but maybe the tortoise knows something we don’t.  Check out the video here.  The other video is one of those videos you wish you could have seen in person at a safe distance.  I won’t spoil that one, it’s just way too fun to watch it yourself.  You can check it out here.