ThinkGeek in hot water over their Unicorn Meat


ThinkGeek is notorious for their funny yet fake products.  One of my favorites is their Canned Unicorn Meat.  The slogan they threw in with it is “Unicorn – the new white meat”.  Well you probably know of the pork slogan, “the other white meat”.  Going to a whole new level of stupidity, the Pork Board became royally pissed off that ThinkGeek’s slogan was a tiny bit too similar.  Being the way the world is, instead of just shutting up and dealing with it, they sent off a cease and desist letter.

The letter came straight from Faegre & Benson legal firm and ordered them to stop with the slogan.  Thankfully ThinkGeek’s fake product is actually protected  as a parody, since it’s quite obviously not a real product.  Then again, perhaps the Pork Board is terrified that someone has truly discovered that there are shiny new unicorns in the world.

Source: SlipperyBrick