The X-Rated Side of Citizen Journalism

x rated citzen journalismIt seems the concept of “citizen journalism” has turned into a free-for-all multimedia message board. Some questionable content cropped up on CBS’s EyeMobile user-submission site this week — and we’re not talking about images showing the “feline” sort of cat.

Photos of a gal bending over her stove, skirt hiked up, and pics of three ladies getting more-than-friendly with each other surfaced on the site recently. And while we certainly find that sort of thing newsworthy, we fear others may not.

The tale of the tail gets a little more twisted with the fact that family-friendly Google — the company that won’t place its AdWords on any adult-themed site — had advertisements embedded within the amorous clips.

CBS, for its part, says it does have someone who moderates the content. (Our kudos, incidentally, to that guy.) The network has promised to “redouble [its] efforts” to keep inappropriate images away.

Maybe it shouldn’t, though. Let’s face it: Broadcast news isn’t what it used to be. Perhaps a little porn interspersed with Katie Couric’s comments could spice things up a tad. Just imagine the “World News” with “ahhs” and “oohs.” And don’t get us started on the things you could do with “Hardball.”

Hang on, though. If Larry King gets in on this, we’re out. You’ve gotta set some kind of standards — even when it comes to confusing smut-news combinations.