The Virtual Lost and Found

The idea of the virtual lost and found is making headlines this week. The sites, such as “The Found Bin” and “,” feature collections of random things people have accidentally left behind — everything from jewelry to photos to pets.

TechCult did a little digging and found some other interesting items in the various virtual lost bins:

  • The days when tech news wasn’t dominated with endless daily rants about how badly Twitter sucks. We get it already, okay?
  • Any remaining devoted Windows users, following today’s XP retirement
  • Any doubt that Internet Explorer would be defunct if it didn’t come built into Windows
  • Any remaining shred of Jerry Yang’s dignity
  • Anyone’s ability to take the Yahoo Board of Directors seriously any more
  • All sense of security at airport security — 10,000 stolen laptops a week?!
  • The idea that a software platform such as eBay isn’t necessarily responsible for everything its users do
  • The idea that hot chicks can’t be bloggers
  • The focus of a TechCult writer, now obsessively imagining himself playing the IT guy to Jessica Biel’s confused computer user. “You called about the new hard drive, ma’am?”
  • The dignity of aforementioned TechCult writer, who now realizes he shouldn’t have shared said fantasy