The Revenge of the IT Guy

data theftNote to corporate executives: You might want to think twice before pissing off your IT guy.

A new survey released this week shows nearly all company computer gurus say they wouldn’t hesitate to screw over their place of employment if they lost their jobs. A whopping 88 percent of IT professionals admit they’d happily hack everything from high-ranking passwords to customer info and sensitive R&D plans on their way out the door. A third of them say they already look through corporate data and know how much everyone’s making — and that’s just an average afternoon activity.

Naturally, the survey also found that most bosses have no idea the IT guys could do that kind of stuff, nor did they realize they could often keep logging in even after they’re locked out of the building. Remember the case of the San Francisco admin accused of locking the entire city out of its network when he became disgruntled? He wasn’t the first techie to turn against his employer. A full quarter of the companies contacted in this week’s survey say they’ve had serious issues of “internal sabotage.”

Guess our technologically ignorant execs should have paid closer attention to Office Space. Seems like Samir Nagheenanajar and Michael Bolton just might have been a sign of the real IT guy revenge on the way.