The Most Annoying Cell Phone Invention Ever

annoying phone inventionThe annoyance potential of the cell phone is about to increase exponentially. A new piece of software called ZooZBeat promises to let anyone use his mobile device to compose original music. We promise, in turn, to avoid anyone who installs it.

The software, developed by the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, “interprets” your movements to create songs — which, we imagine, will inevitably be the most obnoxious and unpleasant compositions ever heard by the human ear. You operate the program by “shaking and tilting” your phone. That, it seems, allows you to “express yourself” musically, even if you have no musical skill whatsoever.

“You can just use your own expressive, intuitive gestures to create music that you can relate to,” the creator tells PhysOrg. “My research focuses on developing algorithms that would allow musical instruments to analyze and interpret a player’s intention.” (We assume that “intention” must be to irritate the living piss out of everyone within earshot.)

Think we’re too quick to judge? See for yourself.

The software, thankfully, isn’t yet publicly available. But if you have some coworkers whom you really hate, you can reserve your copy here. Just don’t come anywhere near us.