The Launch of Insignificance

If you’ve always yearned to have an e-mail address with the word “rocket” in it, today is your lucky day.

Yahoo has announced it’s adding two new domains to its Yahoo Mail service: and Rocketmail, as you may remember, was the original service from which Yahoo Mail was born in the late 90s. Reports indicate it might have sounded slightly cooler back then.

“Hey, rockets are really rad, right? Let’s name our service Rocketmail — you know, like a rocket, but with mail,” we imagine its creators must have said at some point.

As for Ymail, the similarity between its name and that of another popular web-based e-mail service is completely coincidental, we’re sure. Gmail, while still smaller in overall account totals, is growing at a much faster pace month-to-month than Yahoo’s mail service.

But having the domain name will change all that. Really.

Here’s hoping Yahoo’s headquarters at least blasted some Def Leppard when the new domain went live.