The Internet Is Creating ADHD Emo Teens


That’s right, the next time you see a teen looking incredibly Emo and wonder where we went wrong, now you’ll know.  Teens that become addicted to the internet may make them not only ADHD, but depressed on top of it.  Which is just a stellar combination.  They can’t pay attention and they have the squirly desire to cut themselves.  Meaning we might end up with a whole lot of teens that forget to pay attention while cutting and miss their wrist and manage to lob off a pinky.

This latest survey was conducted on 2,298 seventh grade students in Taiwan.  Out of those 10.8 percent had developed an internet addiction.  The researchers then actually followed those children for two years and found that ADHD and hostility were linked to internet addictions.  In girls specifically there was a tendency to have a social phobia and depression, which actually enhanced their addiction to the net even more.  Although boys are actually more likely to get addicted than girls.  It’s always hard to believe all of these surveys that claim to have found groundbreaking information, but there’s no doubt that the internet when used too much can cause some problems.  Whether or not it’ll cause sad little fingerless teens that bounce off the walls, I suppose we’ll never truly know.

Source: ChipChick