The Internet..bringing you a fresh supply of ghosts to purchase


Internet shopping has become widely popular.  You name it and somewhere it can be found on the internet.  It’s basically become the black market for all things strange and overpriced.  I’m sure if you worked hard enough you could find a few body parts to buy over the internet that were likely taken out while someone was lying drugged in a bath tub.  These things just happen.  Well one lucky buyer even managed to sell a couple of souls online.  No, not the seller’s soul, that would be just wrong.  The seller just auctioned off a couple of ghost souls.  It was nothing more than an old man and a little girl.

Nobody wanted those souls around anyway.  Now they’ve been bottled and sold off.  They originally resided in Avie Woodbury’s home, but after a quick exorcism, they were bottled away for safe keeping.  Then of course they posted the two ghosts online and one lucky person actually purchased them for $1,983.  I’m sure it was a great investment for their hard earned cash.

Source: Switched