Thank Goodness For The iGotaBigAssPocket Jeans


Whether you’re a huge Apple fan or not, it’s difficult to not hear about it when Apple manages to come out with yet another new gadget.  Which means that it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about the iPad and all of the various jokes that have followed the announcement.  One of my favorite being the video demonstrating a whole new female twist on how exactly the iPad is to be used.  Well for those of you waiting for the latest accessories to go with the iPad, here’s an good one.

It’s always an issue worrying about how you’re going to fit all of your gadgets into your pockets.  Well now the iPad makes it even more difficult.  Thankfully someone has thought ahead and constructed a pair of jeans to accommodate the size of the iPad.  Okay, so no one actually created the product, but the picture is enough to keep you amused.

Source: Gearfuse