Texting Bus Driver Busted By A Passenger’s Phone Pic


We’ve all on occasion caught a city paid driver texting away as they weave in and out of traffic.  It’s enough to make most people sweat bullets as you just barely miss the bumper of several vehicles.  Not to mention when the driver almost plows into the side of a vehicle that cuts you off, purely because they’re looking more at their phone than they are the road.  Well one person actually got a picture of a bus driver texting as they are driving through busy traffic.

The New York city bus driver allegedly sent three different text messages while in the heavy traffic.  Recently a texting ban was set in place within the city.  Which means the bus driver is likely going to be in a bit of trouble.  The bus driver has remained nameless so far, but I’m glad to see at least one driver get busted for this.  Especially since it’s a driver with more than just a couple of passengers.  Honestly, it’s been said before that texting while driving slows your reaction time even more than driving after you’ve been drinking.  Yet still people try to do it, clearly they’re high functioning texters, so it’s impossible for them to rear end anyone while they’re texting.

Source: Switched