Ths may b hrd 2 rd, but naked pics r EZ 2 snd

text-message-abbreviations-nude-photosTwo new studies released this week seem to support the same conclusion: If you want to be well-liked, you should stop sending annoying text messages and start sending naked pictures of yourself instead.

Let’s start with the texts: A report from the University of Tasmania — holy Looney Tunes, that’s got to be one badass school — found text message abbreviations actually take longer to read than properly spelled words. The study found it took some people twice as long to decipher “textese” as it did to read real English. Dmn, dat iz crzy, u no?

But perhaps more interesting is the second study, which says sending shots of yourself in the buff is all the rage in the modern dating scene. A third of young adults admitted to sharing intimate portraits via cell phones, calling the practice “fun or flirtatious.” Nearly 60 percent of some younger age groups say they’ve sent saucy text messages, too.

Naked cell phone shots? Dirty text messages? Hey, whatever does the trick. Just remember what we learned:

Mk sur ur msgs r not 2 abbrev’d or they mght be hrd 2 rd. +its not sxy if u dnt no wat it sez.

(Disclaimer: We don’t seriously think you should start sending nude photos to friends’ cell phones just so you can be cool. If, however, you do intend to do so, feel free to include the TechCult staff in your recipient list.)

(Addendum: Unless you’re a dude.)