Testing The Online Relationship Solver

A newly launched startup can help you solve your lovers’ quarrels without ever having to put on pants. We decided to take it for a test run.

Sidetaker lets you and your significant other each explain your own side of a relationship fight. Visitors then vote for who they think is right and even leave comments about their take on the problem. There are plenty of squabbles to see — everything from non-toilet-flushers to ex-texters and weight-gainers.

I didn’t have any real babe-related beefs to air, so I figured the best thing to do would be to make something up. But be totally honest about the fact that I’m making it up. And also a little conceited.


His side (by Larraby):

“I created a fake identity and posted a made-up problem on an online relationship fight site. I fabricated all the details (including the girl and her side) for the sake of my own personal amusement. Now the girl I made up is mad at me for revealing our non-existent fight to the world. I told her that the fight never really happened, and that she didn’t actually exist anyway, so it was all a moot point. She won’t listen, though. Something’s gotta give.”

Her side (by FakeGirlfriend):

“This guy is OUT OF CONTROL. He totally made me up, then acted like we were having a huge fight and told the whole Internet about it. I mean, our fabricated relationship is no one else’s business. Why does he have to be such a jackass? If he weren’t so incredibly good-looking, I would totally fake break-up with him right now. What a jerk.”

So there you have it: The fight is submitted; the gates of justice are open. I kinda hope the online world takes her side, though. For a made-up person, she can be a real sore loser.

(Update: Much to our regret, the submission has been deleted from the site. As of last check, however, roughly 80% of the voters had sided with our lady. Score one Larraby.)