Test Your Internet Irritation Instincts

Test time: How do you piss off 100,000 students with a single keystroke?

A. Give them cookies
B. Give them tacos
C. Post their personal information on the Internet for the whole world to see

Answer: C…just ask the Princeton Review.

The scholastic test prep and college review company apparently missed the lesson on “what not to do with your clients’ data,” publicly posting tens of thousands of people’s private information — and we’re not just talking just for a few minutes, either. The information stayed up for almost two months.

The Princeton Review says its oopsie happened when it switched Internet service providers. I guess it opted to go with the ISP’s “unencrypt our sensitive data and publish it to the Web” plan.

A competing company actually noticed the screw-up and told The New York Times, which published the story Tuesday. The information — which included names, birthdays, learning disabilities, test scores, and ethnicities — has now been taken offline.

Gotta love these little pieces of amusing irony that pop up from time to time.

On a side note, both “A” and “B” are good ways to keep a TechCult writer happy.

Hint, hint.