Tax Evaders Tracked Down Through Facebook


After years of experience on the internet, I’ve come to one clear conclusion.  Facebook is the root of all evil.  Well, actually just social networking sites in general.  Facebook has been utilized to do everything from getting people fired to putting criminals back on the streets thanks to a status message that should have perhaps never been said.  One might say that some people are just stupid and should learn not to post things, but you have to admit the social networking sites are not helping.  One might even go as far as to state that putting stupid people on Facebook breeds more stupidity.  Now the IRS is using our beloved social networking sites against us.  Is there no good left in the world?!

Apparently according to the Wall Street Journal, the IRS is observing certain targets through sites such as Myspace and Facebook.  They’re using them to track down the truly sneaky ones that keep avoiding paying their taxes and getting their money.  States such as Minnesota, Nebraska and California have located people thanks to their status updates and collected thousands of dollars already.  Although the IRS has not commented on this, other states are considering doing the same thing, states such as Oregon and Wisconsin.  Just one more reason to be careful about what you post on the internet.

Source: Switched