Study Finds Wii Fit Isn’t Enough To Buff You Up…shocking


You have to love studies that prove things that you could have already guessed all on your own by just having a sliver of common sense.  The Wii Fit is a fun game to play with, it’s great for getting families off of the couch and at least somewhat improving their lifestyle.  Everyone I know that uses the Fit just figures it may not help a ton overall, but it can’t hurt either.  Well of course someone had to do a study just to figure out how well it really works.  It discovered what we pretty much already knew, it won’t create “significant changes in daily physical activity, muscular fitness, flexibility, balance or body composition.”

Truthfully I really did hope it helped that whole balance factor, it’d be nice to lose my clumsy streak.  The study itself took place over a total of six months and involved eight families, within North America.  They gave them the game for 3 months and then took it away again for the same amount of time.  They discovered that the families only really used the game for 22 minutes of the day.  Which is a shocking number when compared to the average time Americans spend watching TV, about 2.57 hours per day.  Now if you were to change your lifestyle in addition to using the Wii Fit, that’s a bit different.  However, if the Wii Fit is the only change in your life to become more healthy, it’s not going to be enough.

Source: Crunchgear