Student Orchestra performs with only iPhones


Depending if you’re more of a technology enthusiast or a music enthusiast you’ll either find this to be incredibly cool or a musical abomination.  One of the two.  A group of students at the University of Michigan take classes from the instructor Georg Essl.  In that class they’re learning the art of building, designing and playing the iPhone as a music instrument.  Anyone feel sorry for the parents paying for a class that will at best give their kids a skill to show off at the water cooler once they’re in the real world?

Well they decided to have a show and they will be performing their iPhone orchestra at a public concert on December the 9th.  To some this might be a huge technological achievement, but I can definitely see several classical music enthusiasts getting a bit annoyed.  Wrong or right it is neat to hear about someone finding a new way to entertain the public with music.  Even if you are paying hard earned cash to watch a bunch of kids play with their iPhone.  You can check out a video of one of their older concerts by going here.

Source: Gizmowatch