Stay Out Of The Real World And Get Your Kisses Virtually


Technology is truly a beautiful thing and most of us wouldn’t know quite how to live without it.  Sure, we’d live without Facebook, but you start cutting out the basic items like the washer and dryer then there will be issues.  Despite that we all love our technology, sometimes you get a little worried about how far things are being taken.  Like this new program that’s out called Kiss ME.  Go ahead and guess what it does.

This program comes straight from the National University of Singapore.  It’s a wireless digital communications media that’s meant to send out a tele-kiss.  Yes, it’s a kiss sent in real time to mobile devices.  Somehow I think I could survive to wait until the real thing.  Getting an electronic kiss just doesn’t taste the same.  They even want to create a system that has the convincing properties of a real kiss, such as using an artificial mount with life-like lips and the proper amount of pressure and temperature.  Ew.

Source: Newlaunches