Star Wars Fans Get Their Own Speed Dating


The Star Wars Celebration V has spawned an insane amount of Star Wars products, some good and others not so good.  In addition to that there have been all sorts of strange celebrations, one of which is a 3 day event packed full of speed dating sessions just for the conventioneers headed to the Orlando celebration.  It’s not so surprisingly the first ever speed dating event just for Star Wars fans.

As hilarious as the whole idea sounds, you have to wonder if any fans will find themselves paired with someone they actually click well with.  At least they know they have one thing in common.  Although the age range was meant for those 18 to 54, most of the fans that showed up were in their mid-20’s.    They also were quick to point out that the guys for the most part left their lightsabers at home and looked more like Luke Skywalker than they did Jabba the Hut.  It sounds like all around despite the strange circumstances the speed dating round was actually a pretty decent success.

Source: Neatorama