Stanford Students Get Better Grades Through Copy And Paste


Stanford University is a place that most people think of being top of the line.  With a clean cut campus and extremely intelligent students to go with it.  Most would expect them to be fairly honest students, but it turns out that Stanford is having a small issue with students adjusting their grades all on their own.  They’re doing it by copying and pasting new and much better grades.  Specifically they’re occurring in the school’s computer science classes.

Now that’s not to say that they’re all students majoring in computer science, just that it’s happening within the computer science classes.  Although some might be afraid that means that computer science majors are cheating their way through schools, I’d be more afraid of future doctors and lawyers cheating.  Luckily Stanford is catching the students and necessary precautions are taken.  Last year the copy and paste method made up 22% of the total honor code violations.  Who knew copying and pasting would come in so handy?!  You can go here and find a tutorial on how to pull off this method of cheating.  Kidding! That leads you to the original New York Times article on the issue.  Tragically they don’t explain how to do it.

Source: Switched