Sony Shock: Sony President Actually Aware of PSP Piracy

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has announced that piracy is a problem on the PSP. The contents of the rest of his talk aren’t detailed, but we can presume they include how he recently saw Spiderman 2, how he thinks Paris Hilton wouldn’t be a faithful wife, and this awesome new website he saw called “YouTube”.

The tragedy is that it isn’t the piracy that’s newsworthy – it’s the fact that a major Sony exec even mentioning the problem is so rare. That tells you everything you need to know about the monomaniacal delusionality that the company struggles under. Never mind technology that defeats piracy, or a sane pricing strategy that discourages it; even saying the taboo word is counted as a major event in the Big Brotheresque doublespeak that is Sony PR.

Reeves had to admit that piracy has actually boosted sales of their struggling hardware (probably because games actually run faster when hacked than from the official UMD discs), but Sony is still “not happy about it”. Listen up, David, you’re going up against the goddamn DS and losing like Kate Moss in a barefist fight with the Riker’s Island Synchronized Stabbing team. If Jack the Ripper calls and offers to sell a few units, you should think hard before refusing.

He states that they’re set to unveil a new clampdown, but unless they’re planning to include a Sony lawyer in every console it’s unclear what they could possibly do with the openly hackable hardware buffet that is the PSP. Maybe they could learn a lesson like “Increased sales from piracy mean that we have an excellent product that people genuinely want to play, and the only thing stopping them is our own medieval consumer-punishment policies.”

But that’s just crazy talk.