Software To Create Backup DVDs Illegal But The DVDs Are Not


No matter where you go, you’re going to run into laws that can be described as nothing but pure stupidity.  Be it old outdated laws that should be gotten rid of or just ones that are a royal pain in the ass.  Well those of us in the US are definitely no exception to that.  Now we have just one more ridiculous law to make those of us here in the US groan and justifiably roll our eyes in annoyance.  There is fantastic news though, it’s perfectly legal for you to store backup copies of all of your DVDs.  It’s too bad that won’t help you out a whole lot though, since it’s perfectly illegal for anyone to manufacture the software that makes it possible to create those backup DVDs.

Just another backwards and ridiculous way to attempt to slow down illegal DVD copies.  I doubt it’s going to work even a little among the determined, but it’s an attempt on the DMCA’s part nonetheless.  This means that RealDVD, which allowed for you to watch the copy of your movie on the computer it was created on, illegal as well.  It’s not as if it was allowing you to create several copies of the movie.  As far as software goes, it’s one of the more innocent ones out there.  Some would call it a happy medium, even somewhat of a compromise.  Sadly though, the DMCA is still far too greedy to do something as ridiculous as compromise.

Source: OhGizmo